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I am on a mission to support people suffering from love addiction to improve their physical and emotional health, so they can be their authentic selves, and build deeply satisfying relationships.


All sessions are:


Judgment-Free & 100% Confidential


I help clients make changes to their lifestyle and behavior in order to fast track their recovery. I will partner with you on all areas of your life:

  • Lifestyle
  • Movement
  • Community
  • Sleep
  • Relationships

As well as:

  • Romantic obsession
  • The withdrawal phase
  • Going “no contact”
  • Setting bottom-lines
  • Sober dating

My Credentials:

  • ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach
  • Two-years of street outreach to individuals suffering homelessness and mental illness in Los Angeles, CA
  • Umpteen hours of 12-step recovery in numerous 12-step groups
  • 13 years in a narcissistically abusive “relationship”
  • 15 years in marketing & sales (ground-zero for normalized narcissism)
  • A BS in Communications --Radio-Television-and Film, University of Texas at Austin
  • Raised by Television

Typical Recovery + Wellness Goals:



  • Better sleep hygiene
  • Quitting smoking
  • Getting in-shape
  • Improving metabolic health


  • Living well during withdrawal
  • Making a difficult romantic decision
  • Addressing emotional exhaustion
  • Challenging feelings of inadequacy


  • Finding motivation
  • Releasing shame
  • Overcoming hopelessness
  • Reversing intense loneliness

Love Addiction Specialties



Stuck in a relationship that just isn’t working?

Tired of repeating the same fights; making up only to fall back into conflict again and again? You want to end it, but another part of you feels guilty about leaving and afraid to be alone.



Devastated by a painful divorce or break-up?
Just getting through the day is hard due to obsessive thinking and worrying. You feel crazy because even-though the relationship was a train-wreck, you still miss it. Everything about your future feels hopeless.



Conflicted because you have 98.9% given-up on romantic relationships?
But…part of you wonders if maybe it might be possible to find love. But…at the exact same time, you believe that the most mature thing to do is just stop getting involved with other humans -especially romantically. Because relationships start out OK, but always end in pain.


Visioning vs. Regular Sessions


Visioning Session

A visioning session sets the stage for all subsequent sessions.

  • Lasts 75 minutes
  • Questions are mostly pre-set
  • Clarifies your values and priorities for the next 3 to 6 months.


Regular Session

Regular sessions are what comes after the vision is set.

  • Lasts 50 minutes
  • You pick the topic, questions come organically
  • Topics and themes repeat, but clarity deepens

My Coaching Packages

Introductory: 1 vision + 2 sessions

Great if you want to try out coaching with me. You get:

  • One full visioning session
  • Two regular sessions
  • *Option to add 2 to 8 more sessions at the package rate.


Returning Clients

Once you have completed an Introductory package with me, you are welcome to sign-up for another package or any of the options below.


Foundational: 1 vision + 6 sessions

Ideal if you already know you like being coached by me. You get:

  • One full vision session
  • Six regular sessions
  • *Option to add 2 more sessions at the package rate
  • More cost-effective than a la cart vision and sessions.

Extended: 1 vision +6 sessions + 1 closing

Perfect if you already know you like being coached by me and are needing intense support. Intended for when you are “on your knees” and super ready to make changes. You get:

  • One full vision session
  • Six regular sessions
  • One closing session (for extra support & accountability)
  • *Option to add 2 more sessions at package rate

With all packages:

I encourage you to schedule your sessions no more than 14 days apart.


If you are experiencing especially intense, emotional pain, then I would even recommend scheduling two sessions per week until you feel stable.


Individual sessions available:

Full Vision 75 minutes
Vision Tune-up 25 minutes
Full Session 50 minutes
Disco Session 25 minutes


Extension Sessions

Introductory can add 2 or 8 more regular sessions at the package rate.

Foundational can add 2 more regular sessions at the package rate.

*Session add-ons must be purchased within two weeks of the last package session.


Addiction is addiction

My specialty is love addiction, but I believe all addiction stems from the same root causes. If you are working through other addiction issues, sign-up for a free consultation with me and see if we might be a good fit.


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