What about lifestyle and mood?

These set the stage for satisfying relationships and thus stellar overall health.


How we spend our time, what we eat, how much time we relax and play, what we do for exercise, how we think and what we think about all impact our health.

A lot of concepts relating to emotional health are abstract. There are feelings to explore, childhoods to deconstruct, mindfulness to be attempted, etc. So it’s great to also focus on more concrete and actionable areas of our lives.


Love addiction comes from a chaotic upbringing. We did not receive enough encouragement to form our own healthy routines, so we tend to cling to outdated thought patterns and negative behaviors out of a misguided sense of self-preservation. Left unchallenged, we unconsciously perform the same self-defeating actions, like dating toxic people, eating crap, getting poor sleep, shaming and blaming ourselves and others, and even stalking exes. This is what got us stuck in the first place.


The good news is that we can absolutely design a new way of being. We can re-parent ourselves, create new habits and seek the support we need to live well instead of just muddling through.

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