What is love addiction?

It’s the compulsion to get love and acceptance from our romantic partners (instead of ourselves).

Most of us aren’t even aware we have an “addiction issue.” This is likely because the symptoms of love addiction range from anxiety and depression to general demoralization. Love addiction creates chronic anger and people-pleasing, which leads us to suffer one bad relationship after another or may lead to an all-out refusal to form romantic relationships.


Left untreated, love addiction creates a life unlived. Somewhere inside, an inner voice tells us there is more to life, but we feel helpless to act on this knowledge.

Going to therapy, reading self-help books or simply trying to forget the past and push forward are not enough for most people. That’s because no one thing done in isolation is enough to get to the root of love addiction.


Fortunately, recovery work makes it possible to gain a more balanced perspective. We can learn how non-addictive love factors into healthy relationships with others and, more importantly, with ourselves.

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