Got relationship issues?

— Struggling with a divorce or break-up (even if it happened decades ago)?

— Obsessively checking your phone?

— Repeating yourself to your friends?

— Doing way too much ugly crying?

— Want to date but…just…Can’t?

— Believe you are hopelessly stuck?


Chronic emotional turmoil has consequences

Your mental and physical health deteriorate when you are chronically stressed. Over time, unresolved emotional pain results in poor choices. Just to cope, you turn to whatever works to ease the misery. Endless streaming and scrolling, too much food and drink, terrible sleep and lack of exercise become the norm. The longer you stay like this, the harder it is to break free. It’s a tense feeling that leaves you spinning.


Relationships matter

The quality of your relationships, particularly your closest ones, has a direct impact on your health. When you neglect your emotional well-being too long, your physical health also takes a hit.

Yet the temptation is to NOT focus on close, personal relationships

“Why, bother? It’s hopeless!” you conclude. The mature option is avoidance. Just accept that a reciprocal, loving relationship cannot happen – at least not for you.

I’m here to tell you that’s a mistake. Hello, fellow human! You and I are social creatures. We need each other.


I get it

If you are a love addict, this message will frustrate you, since your experiences with love have likely been more heartbreaking than heartening. After all, as hard as you try, it’s always you who ends up on the floor in the fetal position.

Taking even a few small steps can help you feel much better. Over time, you will gain confidence that you can form mutually satisfying relationships.


Let’s take the edge off and find a path forward

If you’re not sure if you should stay in a relationship, are reeling from a breakup or just feel too beaten down by relationships to even try anymore, let’s talk. Together, we can get you to mentally, emotionally and physically hit the “reset” button on your  resilience.


The purpose of this site

This site is meant to provide actionable information about love addiction and promote my coaching services. I hope what I write is relatable and helpful in understanding this very challenging and quite pervasive addiction. I decided to wed health coaching with love addiction recovery because they both are about addressing issues at their root.

Love addiction masquerades as anxiety and depression.


When you take the time to examine what is gnawing at you, it’s the tragic belief that you are insufficient. Love addiction makes you believe something outside of you must come to the rescue. In fact, that’s an inside job.

It’s good to talk about it, but there also needs to be a change in behavior. Understanding the nature of addiction and consciously forming new habits can get you through the anguish to a calmer, happier you.


What if I don’t like your advice?

Coaching is not about advice giving. It’s about uncovering your own answers. As your coach, I assume you have within you everything you need to find your own way. My role is to draw it out and provide structure, support, and accountability.


Isn’t this just therapy?

Coaching pairs well with therapy, but it is not a replacement. Coaching is a conversation, but it’s not like what you would have with a friend or even a therapist. There’s no chit-chat and no diving into the origins of emotional wounds. Rather, coaching is about re-imagining who you are now and encouraging incremental change to achieve long-lasting impact.


How does the discovery conversation work?

We will talk about what you would like to be coached on, and I will explain the coaching process, answering any questions you have along the way. The goal is to see if we are a good fit. It’s completely confidential and quite enjoyable.

What makes you different?

Meaningful transformation, not just surface stuff

I employ no fluff. I just get down to it. Not only that, but I have been described as “intelligent but not at all pretentious or closed off about it” and “easy to talk to about things that really matter.”

No jibber-jabber

When I did street outreach in Los Angeles, California, the best part of talking with people suffering from homelessness and mental illness was, no small talk! Within seconds of meeting, we were discussing what makes them angry and what led up to them having to survive on the street.

I coach and am coached

I know what it’s like to have my time wasted. Likewise, I pledge to respect your time and attention. I aim to make my coaching sessions thought-provoking. You should experience some, immediate relief and an encouraging shift in perspective.

You will never see me with a white background, smiling over fresh vegetables.

Next Steps:

If you are suffering with addiction issues and want support to gain higher functioning, let’s talk.

Schedule a free discovery conversation here now.

Not ready for coaching?  Browse my articles. I recommend this one to start. 

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